Say Thank You

At the end of such a special year, you ask yourself how to thank all your employees and stakeholders who have contributed to the success or survival of your company taking into account the social-economic situation.

To express your gratitude, you are looking for an idea generating well-being and supporting local companies, associations and/or artists that have particularly suffered from the pandemic, because these values are dear to your company.

We propose you several options:

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  • Artistic Shows

    streamed to your audience

    As an alternative to your usual end of year dinner, offer a live show that will be broadcasted to your guests via a streaming platform to allow Belgian artists to perform on a stage and offer your guests a moment of connection despite the distance. Your guests will be able to share their feedback with each other as well as with the artists. 

    Pieces of theatre,  concerts, stand-up comedy shows, family shows, pastry cooking classes, it's up to you to choose the one that best suits your target audience. Possibility to record your company's speech in one of our professional studios and to broadcast it just before the show. We can also deliver an aperitif bag in accordance with the artistic menu.  

  • Dolce La Hulpe Brussels Spa Spa Gifts Gift Sets

    Gift Sets

    Offer a gift set of Cinq Mondes products, renowned for their high quality, delicate fragrance and manufactured from natural or organic ingredients. All Cinq Mondes products are suitable for both men and women. These are wellness rather than beauty products. 

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  • Dolce La Hulpe Brussels Spa Spa Cinq Mondes Gifts Gift Certificates Invitation Cadeau Cadeaukaart


    The personalized Cinq Mondes Gift Certificates are delivered in a magnificent presentation box with a treatment menu so that your receiver is free to choose a massage or Spa ritual of the world according to the offered time. Product samples are also included. They are valid for one year extended by the duration of the confinement.

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  • Dolce La Hulpe Brussels Spa Cinq Mondes Spa Gifts Massage Product Gifts Gift Certificates Invitation Cadeau Cadeaukaart


    Let the receiver of your gift enjoy a unique experience in our Spa and at the same time make it possible to have them relive this experience at home with our Cinq Mondes Spa products. Compose a package with a gift certificate and one or more products. A combination like this one will make your guests more than pleased and will offer them a sensorial journey which they won´t forget.

    You have the possibility to combine a gift certificate (free to spend on a treatment of choice of your receiver) with the Cinq Mondes products of your choice.