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The name La Hulpe translates to "the silver river" in Celtic. It's a family-friendly destination that takes the thinking traveller on an artistic, intellectual journey through history. Enjoy events, festivals, and activities that pay homage to our rich past and inspire future creativity.

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    ForestGym Discovery Sessions: Yoga Flow

    Saturday, December 8th - FREE

    Like many forms of yoga, Yoga Flow focuses on breathing but also on the successive transition from a yoga posture to another. The goal is to coordinate breathing and movement. Imagine yoga flow as a rhythmic movement perfectly coordinated with your breathing. Eliminating toxins, relaxing and re-energizing are the main benefits of this yoga, also called vinyasa yoga.

    Yoga Flow session

    10:45 am : Welcome

    11:00 am : Yoga Flow

    12:00 pm : Refreshments

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