Beauty rituals of the world

History of a passion

History of a passion

Cinq Mondes Spa was created on the bases of a conviction: a durable beauty is a global beauty. We kept from the ancestral knowledge the best Beauty Rituals Of the World. The secret of happiness lies in prevention, to remain in good health all along.

The roots of cinq mondes

  • Ritual from Bangalore, India

    Inherited from Ancient India, Ayurveda is a time-honored medicine that stimulates the body's vital functions by combining the beneficial effects of massages with the efficacy of traditional Indian plants.

    Discover the new royal Shirodhara ritual ®

    Exceptional Indian treatment in 3 stages for in-depth replenishing, the Shirodhara holds a unique place in Ayurveda well-being and relaxation treatment, Indian ancestral medicine meaning science of life.

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  • Rituals from Bali & Siam, Indonesia & Thailand

    There are numerous traditional beauty recipes to soften the body's skin and brighten the complexion with tropical flowers and fruits. These Rituals highlight the tradition of massage that deeply revitalizes both body and mind.

  • Ritual from Bejing, China

    In China, massage provides balance and long life. This quest for Wellbeing and Youth encompasses the use of plants from traditional Chinese medicine whose beneficial effects have been recognized for thousands of years.

  • Ritual from Kyoto, Japan

    To preserve their smooth skin and alabaster complexion, Japanese women use ointments containing ingredients from the Japanese Pharmacopeia and manual massage techniques for a remarkable natural facelift effect.

  • Ritual from North Africa and the middle east Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria

    Women in North Africa and the Middle East regularly use Hammam Purification Rituals to enhance and protect their skin. Damascus Rose and Orange Blossom fragrances play a major role in this tradition.

  • Ritual from the Polynesian Islands

    The art of massage plays an important role in the cultural heritage of the Polynesian Islands. These massages are given using highly effective oils and balms derived from the region's abundant pharmacopeia comprising over 2,000 plants.

  • Ritual from Bahia, Brazil

    Brazilian women revere the perfection of their bodies and keep in good shape using slimming treatments with Coffee-based active ingredients, very energetic massages and detoxifying body wraps.