Which set-up for which purpose?

Which set-up for which purpose?

Tell us the objective of your meeting and we will help you choose the most suitable set-up.  Here are the advantages of each set-up in a few words.

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The set-ups

  • Cabaret

    This set-up consists of 3 tables grouped together forming a hive oriented towards the speaker/screen and reproduced in a balanced way in the meeting room.There are usually 6 delegates per hive and the side facing the speaker/screen is left empty.

    This set-up facilitates teamwork and allows you to alternate presentations by a speaker, group work and presentations by each group without changing rooms.  A flipchart can be provided next to each group of tables.


  • Theatre or classroom

    This configuration consists of rows of seats facing the speaker and/or the screen.  Regularly used for seminars, press conferences, product launches or meetings with a large number of participants, as the juxtaposition of chairs in rows optimises the number of seats. When tables are added, we talk about school set-up.

  • U-shape

    The U-shaped set-up combines the efficiency of a school/theatre format with the advantage of allowing participants to see each other easily. It promotes interaction and encourages feelings of equality and collaboration. From the speaker's point of view, it offers the freedom to move around within the U to interact with the group.

  • Board

    This set-up is suitable for meetings requiring decision-making.  It has the advantage that all participants have an identical view on the other members of the meeting. 

  • Outdoor Casual

    We offer the possibility to organise outdoor working sessions with comfortable seating and a flipchart to spark new ideas. Just getting out of the meeting room setting frees thinking from the shackles of traditional thinking. 

  • Auditorium

    Set the stage for your message to give it the breadth needed to captivate your audience.  Our auditoriums have been designed and fitted out taking into account acoustic and visibility standards to listen to a speaker or attend an artistic performance in the best conditions. The Baobab auditorium offers 150 seats in school format and 8 translation booths. The Canopée auditorium offers 500 seats in theatre format, a stage with backstage and 5 translation booths. A retractable table in the armrest of the chair is available to facilitate note taking. Both auditoriums are accessible to people with reduced mobility and have a reception desk.