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A Royal Invitation

May 06, 2019

For three weeks of the year, overlapping the first 10 days of May, the Belgian Royal family opens their extravagant Greenhouses at Laeken to the public. And it's not a spectacle you can afford to miss. 

Built in 1873, the complex of greenhouses complementing the castle of Laeken looks like a glass city tucked into lush rolling hills. A series of grand pavilions with their glass cupolas and wide arcades criss-cross the site like covered streets and are rather palace-like, offering so much more than the iron and glass of stereotypical conservatories.

Some of the plants you'll see belong to King Leopold II's original collection, including the Winter Garden, which contains an ironically tropical array of plants and ceilings that are high enough to embrace the delicate fronds of the exotic palms. Take a look at the royal website to plan your visit. Each day reflects unique availability to guests.