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Brussels' Elegant Greenery

June 03, 2019

Amidst the Brussels bustle, find a lush bit of green to pause in peace. Petit Sablon Square isn't big within its city block limitations, but it's worth a visit just the same. Tucked inside a wrought-iron balustrade, the 129-year-old garden is decorated with 48 bronze statues along its length and ten additional statues along the back edge of the park. The men guarding the back are modeled after well-known 16th century Belgians including Mercator, Abraham Ortelius, Louis Van Bodeghem and Rombaud Dodonée.

Cinquantenaire Park, by contrast, is big enough to get lost inside. Planted in 1880 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Belgium's independence, the grand manicured lawn is punctuated with beautiful gardens, monuments, and museums. A triple triumphant arch at one end marks the spot for an unbeatable sweeping view over the city. Picnic tables and playgrounds make it a great afternoon destination for couples and families alike.