Rules of the contest Facebook / END-OF-YEAR CONTEST

Social Media Contest Rules

ARTICLE 1 – Organization of the competition

Dolce La Hulpe SA, hereinafter “Dolce La Hulpe”, with its registered office at Chaussée de Bruxelles 135 - 1310 La Hulpe (Belgium), is organizing a contest called: “END-OF-YEAR CONTEST” (hereinafter referred to as the "contest", "game" or "game contest") which begins on Friday, the 13th of December 12pm (GMT +2) and ends Wednesday, the 18th of December 11:59pm (GMT +2) on the platform (hereinafter referred to as "platform" or "social network") Facebook.

The Contest is developed and managed by Dolce La Hulpe without any patronage or involvement of the company owning the social network, which will only ensure the hosting of the contest on its platform. This contest is not sponsored, endorsed or organized by Facebook or any other associated platform such as Instagram.

The contest is exclusively governed by these regulations.

Participation in the contest implies acceptance of these rules, as well as any decisions made by Dolce La Hulpe during the course of the contest. All contestants shall be deemed to have read, understood and accepted, without reservation, the full contents of these rules.

The rules are available to participants on the Dolce La Hulpe website:

Dolce La Hulpe may change these rules at any time by posting them on its website.

Any dispute that cannot be settled under these rules will be handled and decided by Dolce La Hulpe and cannot be disputed by the participants. Neither the contest nor these rules will be subject to any email exchanges or any other communication.



This contest is open to any individual over the age of 16, with access to the internet, with an account on the SOCIALMEDIA platform and subscribed to the official page of Dolce La Hulpe on this platform as well as a valid email address, and residing in one of the following countries: Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, with the exception of the organizing company's employees and their families, as well as anyone involved in the development of the game.

Dolce La Hulpe will proceed, within the limits of the means at its disposal, to the check that these criteria have been met. If any of these criteria are not met, registration to the contest may not be validated.

The game is subject to the regulations of the Belgian law applicable to games and competitions.

Any minor participant must nevertheless obtain the prior authorization of one of their parents or legal guardians to participate in the Game.

The organizing company may ask any minor participant to justify this authorization and, if applicable, disqualify any participant who cannot justify their authorization.

The organizing company may ask any minor winner to justify their authorization with regard to their participation in the Game. The organizing company reserves the right to select another winner as soon as an initial winner, if they are a minor, is not able to provide sufficient proof of that authorization.

The mere fact of participating in this contest implies the simple, full and unreserved acceptance of these rules. All participants agree to respect the rules. Any breach of the rules by participants, including any fraud, abuse or cheating on their part, may result in their exclusion from the game by decision of Dolce La Hulpe.

Only one entry will be allowed per person - with the same email address or username on the social network - during the entire period of the game.

It is understood that each participant undertakes to disclose correct information about themselves. Dolce La Hulpe waives all liability in the event that a participant uses false first and/or last names associated with a valid email address, or if they impersonate a third party.

Participation in the contest will only be valid if the information requested by Dolce La Hulpe is complete and accurate.

Participants authorize the verification of their identity in compliance with the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978.

Any entries made through the use of incorrect, falsified information or via counterfeit or falsified forms will be forfeited from any right to obtain any winning prize.

In addition, in the presence of abuse or cheating of one or more participants, Dolce La Hulpe reserves the right to modify or terminate the contest without notice, especially when the integrity of the contest's purpose is questioned.



This game will be played exclusively on the social network and on the dates indicated in article 1. Participation in the contest is limited to valid registration and respect for the actions to be carried out. Participation in the game is carried out by performing and completing the actions listed below:

  1. Visit the Facebook page of Dolce La Hulpe
  2. Display the publication dedicated to the contest
  3. Follow the detailed instructions for participation in the dedicated publication.
  4. Read, understand and accept without reservation the rules of the game available on the website .




Under penalty of exclusion, each participant guarantees to be the original author of the photo and to have all the rights over that photo. Each participant agrees to respect the laws on copyright, image rights and other intellectual property rights.

Participants will retain their copyright in the photos provided, except as otherwise provided in the terms of use of the social network, but will grant Dolce La Hulpe the right to use the contest photos for publication and promotion in the context of the photo contest or as a reference, without any compensation.

Dolce La Hulpe reserves the right to delete photos of a sexual, pornographic or discriminatory nature without any warning or explanation. Similarly for photos that are contrary to public order or morality, or that would be against the law or the rights of third parties, as well as photographs of competing brands, may also be excluded. If deletion by Dolce La Hulpe is impossible, a request for deletion will be made to the social network by a Dolce La Hulpe staff member.

Each participant will be responsible for the photos they publish. Each participant completely exempts Dolce La Hulpe from any damages that Dolce La Hulpe may be sentenced to pay for breach of legislation in force, including but not limited to, the legislation on the protection of privacy, copyright, image rights and other intellectual rights over the photos published by the participant.



One winner will be selected out of all the contestants who have respected all the conditions of participation and all the participation modes of the context.

The winner will be determined by means of a jury composed of members of Dolce La Hulpe's marketing team.

The winner will be contacted within one week after the end of the contest by e-mail confirming the nature of the prize won and the terms and conditions for receiving the prize. The winner will have 10 business days to accept or reject the prize. If the player has not responded after 10 days, the organizing company will assume that they have refused the prize. Non-winners will not be contacted. The winners expressly authorize Dolce La Hulpe to communicate their identity on the social network at the end of the contest.

The winner must use their prize from the indicated date onwards. Failure to reply within the deadlines will result in the winner losing their prize without any liability or compensation due by Dolce La Hulpe. In the case of a non-electronic prize, the delivery of the prize will be made within 90 days from the winner's announcement, to the winner’s address by the company in question.

Notwithstanding the above, the organizing company reserves the right to keep any prizes not claimed by the winner and to dispose of them as they deem fit. 



The winner will win the prize shown in the dedicated post available on the social network or on the physical or digital support presenting the contest. Participants will not be entitled to any compensation or remuneration of any kind in case of cancellation or loss other than the consideration offered by the organizer. The prize offered cannot give rise to any dispute of any kind, nor to the delivery of the equivalent value in cash, nor be exchanged or replaced Dolce La Hulpe for any reason. The company organizing the contest will not be held responsible for the use, non-or use or trading of the prize by the winner. If the circumstances require, Dolce La Hulpe reserves the right to replace the prize with other prizes of a similar nature or value.

Description of the prize: 1 Gift Certificate worth 200€ for any experience at Dolce by Wyndham La Hulpe Brussels.

Validity of the prize: 1 year



Dolce La Hulpe reserves the right to shorten, extend, modify or cancel the contest in the event of a force majeure event that makes it impossible to continue the contest in accordance with the provisions of the rules and in particular in due to a malfunction in the network (due to a virus or not), the Platform or any other problem related to networks, resources, and telecommunication services, computers (online or offline), servers, internet access and/or hosting service providers, computer equipment or software, data or databases. Dolce La Hulpe will not be held liable for any modification, shortening or cancellation of this contest due to a force majeure event or a reason beyond its control.

If a legal or structural change, a case of force majeure or any change beyond Dolce La Hulpe's control occurs and prevents the continuation, affects the balance or modifies one of the essential components of the contest, Dolce La Hulpe will be waived of all liability.

In the event that such a cancellation, modification, extension or reduction of the duration of the contest takes place, Dolce La Hulpe agrees to notify the participants by email and / or publication on the social network via the dedicated application and, where appropriate, to inform them of the new rules that apply or the new closing date of the contest.

In the event of modification of these regulations with regard to the previous conditions, the continuation of the Contest by the registered participants will constitute valid acceptance of the changes made, with each participant having the possibility to unsubscribe from the contest by contacting Dolce La Hulpe by email at

In case of modification of the conditions of the Contest, cancellation, interruption or reduction of the duration of the contest, Dolce La Hulpe’s liability cannot be invoked and the participants will not be entitled to claim any compensation, which they accept.

Each of the participants ultimately agrees that Dolce La Hulpe may terminate the contest, or make any changes to it at any time in the event that the organizers observed a significant level of abuse and cheating either during the enrolment of the contest or during its course.


ARTICLE 7 - Exemption and Limitation of Liability 

No printing, spelling, typing or other mistake will be grounds for compensation or give rise to any obligation on the part of Dolce La Hulpe.

Dolce La Hulpe cannot be held liable for any damages, direct or indirect, regardless of the causes, origins, nature or consequences, even though when it had been advised of the possibility of such damages, caused by:

(i) a malfunction of the Internet or computer equipment, including the platform and application (hardware and/or software and/or databases and/or data) of a participant or any person or company related to the organization of the contest or, more generally, any other problem related to telecommunications networks, resources and telecommunication services, computers (online or not), internet access and/or hosting service providers, computer equipment or software, data or databases belonging to any party;

(ii) the accuracy of the information provided by the participant, and that it could be validly considered as not respecting the provisions of these rules and the conditions of use with regard to the information and means in Dolce La Hulpe’s possession;

(iii) any manufacturing defect, failure or other malfunction, or the conformity of the prize with the standards to which it may be subject or the safety of use of any prize awarded (under normal conditions of use) not produced by Dolce La Hulpe.

Dolce La Hulpe declines any responsibility for the loss caused by events beyond its control, resulting from the use of the prize or a service rendered by a supplier.

Article 6 : Participation fee 

The contest is free and without any purchase obligation.

The rules are made freely available to the participants on the platform dedicated to the Game.

For participants accessing the contest via a modem and via a telephone line billed according to the time spent - i.e. excluding cable subscriptions, ADSL or specialized connection packages including or offering the costs of communication - the site connection costs incurred for participation in the Contest will not be reimbursed to participants.



In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which entered into force on May 25, 2018, the data of participants is processed solely for the purpose of being able to communicate with the winner of the competition and to carry out any necessary verifications to ensure the smooth running of the contest, especially for the prevention and control of potential fraud.

Participants can freely obtain by simple email request to Dolce La Hulpe at the address:, the communication of the personal data concerning them and, if necessary, the correction and/or the deletion of incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant data.

Participants authorize the compilation and use of their data by the company organizing the contest, and not by the company owning the social network.

Adult participants or one of the parents or guardians of participating minors undertakes to release and not to claim copyright for the reproduction and use of their work in the framework of the contest and its promotion. Similarly, participants give the organizer the authorization to use their names or user names in the social network as part of its publications. In general, adult participants or one of the parents or guardians of participating minors expressly holds the organizer harmless against absolutely any action that could be lodged against the participant due to breach of any third party’s image rights that may be submitted during the contest. The participant will indemnify the organizer losses suffered, including all legal and court fees.

No harm resulting from the use of the participant's personal data by an unauthorized third party will be attributed to the organizer if it has taken all the necessary measures that can be reasonably expected from it.



The mere participation in the contest implies, in itself, for any participant, a complete and unreserved adherence to these rules, including any decisions taken by the organizer about the contestants.

In case of dispute or litigation, participants will abide by the decisions of the organizer, which will be overriding and without appeal. Any complaint relating to this contest must be served by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to the organizer, that remains Dolce La Hulpe, within ten days after the occurrence of the event giving rise to the complaint. After this period, the complaint will be considered, automatically null and void and, in addition, time barred. In any case, any dispute relating to this contest will be submitted exclusively to the jurisdiction and competence of the Brussels courts. Complaints will be dealt with orally or by telephone under any circumstances. Complaints not made in writing or submitted outside the deadline will not be accepted.

Belgian law will be applied exclusively. The possible nullity of one or more clauses of these rules will not affect the rest of the agreement, which remains perfectly valid.

Any clause that may be null and void in its wording must, to the greatest extent possible, be interpreted as closely as possible to the parties' initial intention and be replaced by a valid clause with a result as close as possible to result originally sought by the parties in the clause affected by nullity. This valid clause will become part of the contract and will be deemed to have always existed.

In the event of an attempt or suspicion of abuse, manipulation, cheating or fraud, the organizer reserves the right to exclude the participant(s) concerned without any prior warning. This also applies to all current and future contests. The organization of shares and the substitution, transfer or delegation of the rights of participation or acquisition of prizes as well as the systematic resale of prizes won will be considered, except in special cases, as irregularities.

The organizers reserve the right to bring legal action against anyone attempting fraud. The organizer shall not, under any circumstances, be held liable for damages or losses related to the participation in the contest, whether direct or indirect, bodily or not, caused to the persons, the participants or their equipment (hardware and software), the winners or to the persons accompanying them, in particular when participating in contest or while taking the images. This disclaimer also applies to technical disturbances and / or defects in the hardware and software used, which could make the participation in the contest temporarily impossible or very difficult or even interrupt participation.


Article 10 - Electronic evidence clause 

Dolce La Hulpe may rely upon – in particular for the purposes of proving any action, fact or omission–, any programs, data, files, recordings, operations and other elements of a computer or electronic nature, format or medium, recorded, received or stored directly or indirectly by it or by the participants, except for abuse or manifest error. Participants undertake not to contest the admissibility, the validity or the probative force of the elements stored by way of the aforementioned computer or electronic supports or formats.  Thus, the elements considered constitute evidence and, if they are produced as evidence by Dolce La Hulpe S.A. in any litigation or other proceedings, they will be admissible, valid and opposable between the parties in the same way, under the same conditions and with the same force as any document that would be prepared, received or kept in writing.



These rules are deposited in their French, English and Dutch versions with the services of Dolce La Hulpe S.A. at Chaussée de Bruxelles 135 - 1310 La Hulpe - Belgium and are freely available on the website