Team Building

Team Building

Team Building

Discover Your Strengths

Dolce La Hulpe Brussels isn’t just about relaxation — it’s about raising expectations, and meeting them. Our innovative team-building activities can help you achieve just that, while helping you connect on a new level.

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  • Dolce La Hulpe Brussels Meetings Team Building Lost

    The Lost

    An outdoor activity in the heart of the magnificent Sonian Forest! Can be combined with the CUBE activity.

    The group is divided into teams which need to find clues to discover the hideout of Professor Gordon (a lost house in the woods). The teams have to enter the house and guess the code of his safe, where they will find a map to the CUBE!

    A breath-taking orienteering activity where the participants will learn a series of useful survival technique.

  • Chateau de La Hulpe Dolce La Hulpe Brussels Meetings Team Building Trail Discovery


    At Dolce Hotels and Resorts, we inspire discovery through shared experiences. We believe that there is always more to learn and discover. Through our unique approach to the art of hospitality, we turn experiences into extraordinary moments. From exceptional events to inspiring resort locations, our unique portfolio of hotels is designed to inspire and delight our guests. This is why we welcome you to Trails of Discovery, a series of special journeys we have designed to help groups of all sizes explore the breadth of our stunning locations, while also developing team skills through a series of fun activities and challenges off the beaten track.

    Dolce La Hulpe worked with Brussels travel expert and lifestyle Instagrammer, Gaëlle-Vp, to craft a nature, health and wellbeing experience through the stunning Sonian Forest, recently listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

    From lush greenery to fascinating art, this carefully curated trail will help guests explore and discover the local area. Guided by clues through an exciting off-road bike ride, your team will experience their own personal journey, finding the best that La Hulpe has to offer.

  • The Sphere

    Come and experience The Sphere, a brand new onsite escape room team building activity, created by Annapurna consult.

    The end of the world is close. It is now up to you to board The Sphere, a spaceship unearthed recently at Europe’s Area 51 in La Hulpe, Belgium.

    Engineers from Los Alamos Center have discovered that this vessel can travel through time. You have two hours to solve the puzzles in each of the 5 time zones to repair the timeline and save mankind. Two hours during which you will sail the Nile on Ra’s boat in ancient Egypt, get lost in the Central American jungles, track down the Holy Grail in the Middle Ages of Britain, meet Sherlock Holmes during a seance in Victorian London and visit the future in Los Alamos, USA.
    Enter The Sphere and help save the world…

    This activity is for a group minimum of 10 persons. Visit The Sphere website  

  • Dolce La Hulpe Brussels Meetings Team Building The Cube Escaperoom

    The Cube

    You are sure never to forget this two-hour journey. You will evolve in an extraordinary post-atomic atmosphere. You will learn to use your six senses to move inside, survive and finally escape from it.

    Once inside, the exit becomes inaccessible and the alarm system goes on. You are a prisoner and you only have two hours left to escape!

    Everything has been created in order to make you shudder but also to have fun and to make you take advantage of your journey in teams to attempt to find what seems to be the emergency exit.

    You will roam from one place to another and will try to get past the obstacles in order to free yourself from the Cube. This activity is for a group of minimum 8 persons.

    Visit The Cube website

    A teambuilding activity developed and ran by Annapurna