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Hail Halle, the Majesty of Spring!

April 06, 2020

Spring brings signs of hope. After the grays and toupes of winter, relish in the rainbow of color that explodes around Brussels. If it's lavender-blue you're after, follow your nose to the blooming Halle Forest. For a few magical days between mid-April and mid-May, this enchanted forest is carpeted in a sea of delicate bluebells. The tiny wildflower is a beauty on its own, but they grow in terrific numbers at the foot of the ancient beech trees that shade them. Millions of flowers will surely take your breath away.

To satisfy the rest of nature's color palette, stop at Laeken Park on your way back into town. Located along the Promenade Verte course, the site features one of the only French-style landscaped parks in Brussels, with wide avenues and even wider lawns and geometric flowerbeds offset by clumps of yew and cherry laurels. Promenade and bask in the sun of spring.