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Make Science Fun at Atomium!

December 02, 2019

Think small. Really, really small. Something you can't see with the naked eye. Did you guess an atom? Perhaps not. But an atom was the very inspiration for a work of art created by two architects tasked to design a centerpiece for the 1958 World Expo in Brussels.

They built an atom, not a microscopic one, but one that's big enough to climb inside. And it still stands today!  The now-museum is called Atomium and shines proudly in Heysel Park just west of the city. Curious yet? Come check it out! Ride an elevator through the center tube to climb more than 300 feet and walk through six of the atom's nine spherical cells for a historic tour through an iron crystal, magnified 165 billion times. And plan to stay awhile. In the top cell is a restaurant and in the center cell, a performance space for concerts and parties and conferences. Check the website for details!