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Start with Art at Botanique

January 06, 2020

The green lawns and glass walls of the Botanique attract visitors from around the world, but it's what's inside the former botanic conservatory that's drawn crowds for the past 25 years. Dedicated to musical discoveries and art demonstrations, the exhibition space has earned the reputation as one of Belgium’s premier cultural centers. 

Each year the Botanique hosts more than 300 concerts and close to a dozen art and photography exhibitions for tens of thousands of visitors. And while the crowds are international, Botanique takes great pride in the fact that more than a third of its featured artists are Belgian born. Each month features something new as well as returning events, like Les Nuits Botanique, Botanique's annual music festival in May. It's just a short drive away from Dulce La Hulpe and right next to Brussel's Botanic Garden where you can enjoy a brisk wintry New Year's walk before tucking into your artistic afternoon.