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Tour and Taste the Lambic Tradition

March 02, 2020

Ever heard of lambic beer? We'll explain. Or better yet, we'll let the experts do the talking and suggest you take a journey just outside Brussel's historic center, where the experts brew their big ideas. Tours at Cantillon Brewery or 'Brasserie Cantillon', are self-guided and overwhelmingly popular with beer-drinking visitors. And what makes this brewery unique is that it only makes lambic beer, a beer that spontaneously ferments with wild yeast. Most commercial beers have a strictly-controlled fermentation process with various strains of more traditional brewer’s yeast.

Cantillon Brewery was one of the first 100 breweries that hopped into being in Brussels. Now it's the only surviving member of that founding family. Tours at Cantillon are self-guided and take about 30 to 45 minutes. See brewing, fermenting, and bottling in action. And taste the result. Gueuze and kriek, or sour cherry varieties, are crowd favorites.