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Bond, Relax or Boost

August 16, 2023

Is your company concerned about the well-being of its employees, and would like to offer them various workshops designed to optimize their spirit of collaboration, their energy levels and/or their connection with Nature?

The Dolce La Hulpe Brussels is constantly attentive to the needs of companies, and offers several types of seminar packages designed to meet these expectations.

MEET & BOND includes on-site teambuilding activities designed to challenge your teams in a good-humored and caring way, so that they can share moments of fun together and discover each other from another angle. With The Sphere escape game, your participants will sail down the Nile in ancient Egypt, plunge into the jungles of Central America in search of the secret of the Mayan pyramids, track down the Holy Grail in the British Middle Ages, meet Sherlock Holmes during a session in London and visit the future in Los Alamos, USA. If you're looking for a dynamic activity that lets you explore the wooded surroundings without requiring any particular level of fitness, opt for a ride on a scooter or 100% electric bike.
To stimulate your teams' pragmatism, we suggest building a cardboard racing car. Team Booster offers a wide range of activities and challenges to be carried out as a team: sack races, brainteasers, memory games, observation... The perfect blend of sporting, cerebral and fun challenges!...

MEET & RELAX offers activities that invite your participants to let go and share moments of pure relaxation and reconnection with nature through their senses. Yoga or Pilates classes help you refocus on your senses, while Nordic Walking and forest bathing reduce stress and improve mood, sleep, concentration and memory. You can combine these activities with access to the wellness area.  A treatment or massage at the Cinq Mondes Spa can also be included on the day of the event, or offered for a later experience. If you'd like to add a historical element to your nature outing, journalist Jan Puype can suggest excursions, Keep on Walking, into the region in the footsteps of our ancestors . Thanks to his knowledge, Jan will surprise you with stories that are as entertaining as they are surprising. His excursions vary according to length and audience, to ensure total immersion.

MEET & BOOST brings together activities designed to provide your participants with tools to help them take care of their energy levels and overall well-being, as well as develop their ecological awareness with a positive collaborative approach?

If you're looking for a workshop that will give your participants a better understanding of how to manage their energy and well-being, while providing tangible tools for lasting improvement, we recommend the Boostez workshop by Anne Everard, speaker, trainer and author, among others, of the book "BOOSTEZ", a practical guide designed to offer an overview of the crucial aspects of physical and mental fitness in the contemporary world. She is therefore a specialist in the fields of well-being at work and overall well-being. This workshop offers your participants a reflection on how to assess their energy levels, and concrete tools to boost their energy and avoid unnecessary exhaustion. Each participant will leave with a copy of the practical "BOOSTEZ" manual, as well as a personalized three-step action plan, perfectly tailored to their individual needs.

If you're looking to guide your staff towards achieving their professional ambitions, or to unite them around a common goal, there's nothing like listening to the inspirational journey of top athlete Catherine Lallemand. Catherine Lallemand is, among other things, the multiple champion of the Brussels 20km and explains in her 'Run to Succcess' conference that running not only has a positive impact on health, it is also an invaluable strategy for achieving ambitious goals, both in the professional and private spheres. Through progressive steps, in harmony with your own rhythm, the objective is always in sight, motivating and concrete.

The Climate Fresco workshop offers the opportunity to grasp, in just half a day, all the interconnected repercussions (cause and effect relationships) of human activities on the climate, in an entertaining, collaborative and memorable way.

Whether it's an immersion in nature, targeted workshops or conferences, Hotel Dolce La Hulpe offers you a multitude of activities to help your teams grow in a sustainable way.

Find out more about these activities on our website, and don't hesitate to contact our sales team if you have any questions.